Wilsons Promontory National Park is arguably the most spectacularly beautiful slice of coastal wilderness in Australia. From the open plains teeming with wildlife to rugged mountain ranges plunging in to the sea, "The Prom", as she is affectionately known has a profound effect on the senses.

Our tour departs Melbourne at 7am and as soon as we shed the city boundaries, you’ll start to see the green and sometimes gold hills of Gippsland.  This is lush farming country, full of dairy-rich treats, big skies and stunning backdrops.

On our Prom Coast sojourn, we head south through Gippsland stopping at the delightful village of Meeniyan at around 9am for a delicious breakfast or morning tea at our favourite Gippsland cafe. 

Back on the road again we head toward the entry point of the National Park where wildlife spotting begins almost immediately. The plains leading up to the mountain range are abundant with kangaroos, emus, wombats, echidnas and sometimes koalas. We make our way to the bottom end of the park where we commence our activities for the day. You will have a range of bushwalking options available to you from short walks around the Tidal River area to a climb to the summit of Mt Oberon. Capture the breathtaking views of the ocean and outlying  islands to the south from the summit.

After enjoying a delicious lunch of locally grown and sourced ingredients you will have an opportunity to explore some of the stunning beaches on offer or perhaps relax with a swim in the perfect waters of Norman Bay. 

Before departing Wilsons Prom in the late afternoon you will stop at one of the many vantage points for some afternoon tea and a last gaze out at the horizon. Our return journey should have you arriving back in Melbourne for approximately 7.30pm.



Wilsons Promontory National Park

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